3 Men – The Visionary, The Strategist and The Communicator founded Ginkgo3D in August 2015 with the mission of bringing all 3D printing related ac­tivities and news together. It is the bridge to make 3D printing acces­sible to all. Our goal is to make it easier to turn your ideas into reality.

Ginkgo3D is more than just a website – it is a platform where designers can share and sell their products online, consumers to buy unique and customized 3D printed gifts, readers to receive juicy highlights from interviews, events & exhibitions, technology and news related to 3D Printing.


At Ginkgo3D, we want to solve the biggest problem in 3D printing. No one truly understands. They either know what it is and what it does, or they don’t. They know how to use it, but they are not utilising it.

Our mission at Ginkgo3D is to bridge this gap and make 3D printing accessible to all. We want to make it easier to turn your ideas into reality. You may not know it, but you will use it.

Ginkgo3D is where 3D Printing comes together.